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Forest Feels

It may not be as cute as Ms. Sellar’s sausage dogs but here’s my attempt at my forest image from one of today’s tasks. After looking through Pobble, I was inspired to go for a more spooky theme, but yours didn’t/doesn’t have to be! P5B, I thought lots of our Words of the Day could fit with this task! Can you remember some of them?

Thinking of you all and hoping everyone is doing okay 👌

Mr. J

Transport Trail

All P5 classes have now been on the transport trail at the National Museum! Over three days last week, P5 explored transport and technology by researching the displays and games that were on offer at the museum. We worked in groups to uncover and unpack lots of information about the history and future of transport, as well as taking a look at the process of manufacturing and how it has changed over time. We will continue the study by looking at sustainable transport.

Thank you to all parent helpers who came along on the day!

Here are some photos of P5B enjoying their experience!