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P3 Outdoor Learning

All three P3 classes enjoyed an in the nature garden on Monday. Activities included:

• nest building

• rock art

• spelling sticks


P3B – All About Art

The class had lots of fun decorating their t-shirts for our art day tomorrow!

They also completed their cat collages for the Tesco Art competition. They are fabulous and a lot of work went into creating them. Well done P3B!

The class would like to say a big thank you to Zoe’s dad for giving up his time and sharing his expertise.

Sumdog P3b

Sumdog Review by P3 

Dear Ms Gallagher,


Thank you for volunteering P3 to trial Sumdog. We have all been loving playing all the games in I.C.T and competing with one another at home.    


“I like unlocking games.” – Felix

“I like creating my own house.” – Slesh

“There’s lots of different things to do.” – Lauren

“I like getting a pet.” – Maciej

“I like making friends on Sumdog and sending presents to friends online.” – Zoe

“I like it because it challenges me and helps me with my maths.” – Angharad

“Even if you lose the game you can still have fun.” – Ilayda

“I like learning how to do the sums.” – George
We look forward to sharing more about Sumdog after the holidays.