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Illustrate and annotate a character sketch

Good Wednesday to you all!

Hoping you are having a fine time with all of today’s creative tasks – a maths investigation, a character sketch and a new form of transport for the future!

Here is a character sketch of Shu. She lived in the forests of ancient China.

Where is your forest? And what is you character’s name, appearance and personality?

Multiplication and Division Fact Familes

Here is my fact families learning task! What number did you choose this week? Keep a record of your fact families in your home learning jotters so you can look back over them and practise the facts.

You can choose any number from tables 2 – 12 or, if you know those families very well, you can try a fact family for 20, 25, 30 etc.

Creating Characters for a Story

Good Morning Primary 5s!

Hoping you are all managing to combine learning with some fun as we progress through week 2 of our home learning plan.

Today’s big task is to create characters for your Forest Story.

Below are some top tips to help you with your learning:

  • Have one protagonist (the goodie who will drive your story forward, like Torak in Wolf Brother)
  • You can have a Guide (like wolf) and a friend (like Renn), but this is not necessary if you want to keep your story simple. Don’t have any more than 3 main goodies so that you don’t get in a muddle
  • Have an antagonist (baddie). This is the force that makes your character’s life difficult and gives the story a problem for the goodie to solve or fight against. It could be something scary, like the bear in Wolf Brother, or a monster that you create. But it could also be an ABSTRACT NOUN (remember those?) like loneliness (as your character searches for their family) or hunger, or being imprisoned or trapped. A storm or an ice age could also make good baddies.
  • You can include other characters too, but a protagonist (goodie) and an antagonist (baddie) are all that you need.
  • You can draw some animals on your character plan too – maybe some animals are friends, some are predators and others might be prey (unless your character is a vegetarian, which is fine!). Perhaps you could write a list of all the things your character uses the prey animals for, like Torak using parts of the animal to make string, clothes, a water pouch, a bone whistle etc.
  • Remember to add a few key characteristics about each character. Below is a list of attributes to help you








  • Come up with reasons for your character’s actions. Are they seeking revenge? Are they searching for something? Are they saving someone else? Are they trying to stop something happening.
  • And, if you are having a bit of writer’s block, use the ideas from Wolf Brother to help you. It is okay to steal ideas from books. Authors do it all the time!Torak_coadwiki

Time to Draw?

The children’s illustrator, Rob Biddulph, instructs on how to draw his cute characters on his blog. The books are aimed at young children, but the drawing skills suit all.

I had a go at the sausage dog one and had fun drawing dogs wearing different costumes. Maybe you could have a go, p5s, and make some mini books with your own sausage dogs or indeed any of your own cute characters. I know many of you are in to creating your own comics too. So keep creating and we can share our mini-books and comics when we are all together again.

Spanish calendar task

Good Morning Primary 5!

We hope you are all okay and have started working your way through today’s learning tasks. This afternoon’s task is to make a Spanish calendar so that you can revise days/months and numbers daily.

Login to linguascope or twinkl to support with today’s calendar activity. Below are a few more links that might help you to revise your days and months to create a Spanish calendar.

spanish calendar

from the P5 teacher team.