Month: February 2022

Celebrating Whitehouse & Grange Bowling Club’s 150th Year

This week, our P7 Sports Captains (minus Ray and Hamish, who were busy taking part in an important tennis competition) were delighted to attend the Whitehouse & Grange Bowling Club’s 150th year celebration. The club invited the pupils to plant a tree to mark the occasion, which is accompanied by a plaque – pictured.

Rayan, Sadie, Moses, Elizabeth, Theo and Maria represented Sciennes beautifully. They were enthusiastic, polite and engaging, and I know the members of the Club were most grateful. The kids even managed to stay positive during our quick March home after the heavens opened!!

Thank you to Whitehouse and Grange Bowling Club for inviting us, to Mrs Ellis and her husband for thinking of us in the first place and to Stephen Fox who organised the whole event. We look forward to potentially visiting again in summer to try our hand at bowling!