Month: October 2021

Spooky Season in 7C 👻

Having used a picture of an old creepy house to think of descriptive vocabulary we then created our own spooky houses. We hope you like them coming home to go up in the house for Halloween! 🎃


An introduction to fractions

As an introduction to our upcoming work on fractions, we eased ourselves in with a little experiment: choose the table at which you think you would get the biggest share of chocolate.

One by one the kids entered the room and made a decision based on the number of bars at the table and the amount of children who had chosen to be there. From the photos, you can probably work out who was happy with their decision and who wasn’t!

Model Making in 7A

After learning about the journey of a river, P7A were given free reign to create their own 3D model of what that might look like. They used various resources to build their models which included a source as well as other features such as waterfalls, meanders, ox-bow lakes and rapids.

Exploring water density with P7A

As part of our River topic, we did a little ‘on the side’ water experiment to explore how water changes depending on how dense it is. To do this, we added varying amounts of sugar to the same quantities of water, along with some food colouring and explored what happened when we tried to mix them. We were all pretty pleased with the results!


Time to introduce our new Super Sevens!

Welcome to P7C..


Now that we have settled into the new term please look out for class updates here on the blog.

Hello from our newly appointed P7C leaders:

P7C Leaders

Lexie, Edward and Sara S – P7 Digital Leaders

Ella H – Eco Representative

Sara J – Equalities Advisor

Hanna J – Tantallon House Captain

Finlay – Lauder House Captain

Oscar – Sienna House Captain

Mya – Grange House Captain

Rayan – Grange Sport Captain