Creating Characters for a Story

Good Morning Primary 5s!

Hoping you are all managing to combine learning with some fun as we progress through week 2 of our home learning plan.

Today’s big task is to create characters for your Forest Story.

Below are some top tips to help you with your learning:

  • Have one protagonist (the goodie who will drive your story forward, like Torak in Wolf Brother)
  • You can have a Guide (like wolf) and a friend (like Renn), but this is not necessary if you want to keep your story simple. Don’t have any more than 3 main goodies so that you don’t get in a muddle
  • Have an antagonist (baddie). This is the force that makes your character’s life difficult and gives the story a problem for the goodie to solve or fight against. It could be something scary, like the bear in Wolf Brother, or a monster that you create. But it could also be an ABSTRACT NOUN (remember those?) like loneliness (as your character searches for their family) or hunger, or being imprisoned or trapped. A storm or an ice age could also make good baddies.
  • You can include other characters too, but a protagonist (goodie) and an antagonist (baddie) are all that you need.
  • You can draw some animals on your character plan too – maybe some animals are friends, some are predators and others might be prey (unless your character is a vegetarian, which is fine!). Perhaps you could write a list of all the things your character uses the prey animals for, like Torak using parts of the animal to make string, clothes, a water pouch, a bone whistle etc.
  • Remember to add a few key characteristics about each character. Below is a list of attributes to help you








  • Come up with reasons for your character’s actions. Are they seeking revenge? Are they searching for something? Are they saving someone else? Are they trying to stop something happening.
  • And, if you are having a bit of writer’s block, use the ideas from Wolf Brother to help you. It is okay to steal ideas from books. Authors do it all the time!Torak_coadwiki