Thank you Mr Howie for a fabulous Old Town tour!

Primary 5 and three hardy parent volunteers braved the chilly conditions to tramp around the Old Town to find out how people lived, died and were tortured on Mr Howie’s Historic Tour

Bea tortured our guide with some thumb screws, we buried a Lego person to show how folk long ago were placed in the ground and found out that some poor deceased people didn’t last very long in the ground due to the nocturnal activities of grave diggers!

Moses helped us count the pillars on Greyfriars Kirk so that we could work out how the building had changed over the years and Mr Howie revealed that storing gun powder in the church tower turned out to be not such a bright idea. Boom!

We learned that conditions in the streets of old Edinburgh were far from pleasant and Mr Howie pointed out exactly how bad things could get with his interesting teaching tool. Yuck.

When we got back to school and warmed up we all breathed in a huge sigh of relief that we are living in the 21st century rather that the 17th!