Growth Mindset in Primary 5

If you were set the challenge of building a model of an early home would you even know where to begin?!? Well primary 5 put their learning about growth mindset in to practise as they accepted the challenge!

Using materials collected from outside, recycled objects and anything else that was available, the group researched, designed and then built their designs.

There were set backs, frustrations and some collapsed structures. There were words of encouragement, team work, support and smiles.

It was so impressive to see each child construct their own model and be able to say ‘I made that!’ Top work!

And as well as the growth mindset, we learned rather a lot about early settlements, discovering than whether in the far north, Africa, America or Europe, early homes were constructed in a similar way. Amazing when we realised that at that time there was no travelling or trading between continents.