Month: June 2018

P3b talent show!

P3b were asked what they would like to do in their last full day of school. They chose to have a talent show. We had singers, artists, footballers, gymnasts and dancers. Well done P3b! We ended with some music, dancing and a ‘flossing’ competition!


P3b dancers

Well done to Sadie, Lauren, Maria, Alice, Amy and Maya who participated in their highland dancing end of year show yesterday. They all had a great time and are very proud of the medals they earned.

P3b brave storm Hector!

P3b faced an additional challenge in their cycling training with very strong winds. However they all showed a great determination and worked hard in their session. Some pupils who had never cycled before showed great resilience, not giving up even if they fell over! Thank you to all the people who organised and ran the cycle training.

P3b sharing their learning

P3b had fun this afternoon creating ‘fortune tellers’.

They very carefully followed the instructions to make them and then put questions inside to assess their learning from our woodlands topic. Their favourite part was definitely testing them out at the end!

Well done P3b!


Life Cycles

WOW! We have had a great time observing the changes of our class caterpillars. First of all they were tiny and then they grew ALOT! Next they cocooned and we needed to pull the lid off their wee jar. Ms Walker was too scared to hurt them so we had to call on Mrs Anstruther for help – she was delighted πŸ˜‰! Thankfully Mrs Anstruther successfully pulled off the lid and moved the caterpillars into their big net. We hope they haven’t transformed into butterflies this weekend as we really wanted to see it happen. Fingers crossed we will 🀞🏻! 

P3 head to the Hermitage!

All three classes went on an awesome trip to the Hermitage. The children participated in six activities which enabled them to experience learning from different curricular strands. Each child engaged with their peers to ensure that they were successful learners. 

Here are some photos of our technologies activity. We made twig rafts then we raced our creations. Unfortunately some of the stones got in the way but that didn’t stop our enthusiasm… Well done kids! 

Update: our new classmates

P3C have been loving observing the growth of our 5 furry caterpillars as they transform into butterflies.

After a bit of touch and go, all 5 caterpillars have safely created their cocoons and we are eagerly awaiting the butterflies release! πŸ›πŸ¦‹