Month: May 2018

P3b venn diagrams

Continuing our learning about data handling, P3b were using Venn diagrams today. We used them to sort numbers, shapes and animals. We also created our own ones and picked our own sorting criteria. We ended with a whole class Venn diagram of hair and eye colours. We were all very confident using this method of sorting data.


Data Handling in P3A

Today we worked with our talking partner to collect materials from our Sciennes gardens. We sorted our materials into groups, tallied our findings onto a table and then we presented the information on a bar chart. We had lots of fun! We very much enjoy having Miss MacKintosh in class on a Tuesday afternoon.  

P3b and p6b buddy time!

P3b and p6b got together today to work together. As p3 will become buddies next year for the new p1s, they worked with p6 to create a guide to being a good buddy. They thought about what qualities a buddy should have and how they can help the new p1s. Here are some of their great ideas….

Our new classmates!

Say hello to our new classmates – 5 wriggly caterpillars!

In our official naming ceremony we decided to call them Fin, Oscar, Kevin, Fortnite and HRH Prince Harry.

We are really excited to watch them grow! 🐛🦋

P3b Outdoor learning

C2948564-97EF-4754-8C8B-CA5947DDDC9C6DCFB98E-7F28-453F-BC60-4256FF663DF6DFA0F705-DD7F-4AED-9280-67DD6DB23CF7F2050BF2-0BA1-4A17-B432-C37D62EC57A7CD860077-37F5-4776-93FE-1C192F5EE14179CA5CBB-3A76-41EC-AD0B-7088B004602E2D7D4E35-DAAA-4121-9541-F7A9AEF8D0CB1BD78565-213A-4D6D-86FC-600163C33D201C7F2685-991B-4743-B876-0647BA690E0B09E83D7D-6712-422C-8C63-C0003668D1985464A25E-4FB5-4652-A11E-8D1B02942369P3b enjoyed being out in the sun on Wednesday afternoon for some outdoor learning as part of our woodlands topic. They hunted for evidence of seed dispersal, made mini videos showing how bees visit plants and pollinate and made beautiful natural pictures.