Month: August 2017

Fruity fun!

P3C loved creating fruit kebabs today! We had a go at peeling, chopping and slicing a variety of tasty fruit before creating our own kebabs 🍏🍓🍍


P3A have been digging! 

P3A got a little bit muddy when digging up the potatoes that they had planted last year. There was lots of excitement at the amount and size of their home grown spuds! Thank you to the parent helpers for creating this stimulating learning experience.  

All about Me in P3C

P3C had a great time sharing items that are special and meaningful to us in our ‘all about me’ listening and talking task!

We saw such a variety of things, including toys, sports medals, musical scores and also our favourite books.

It was a great chance for us to practise our public speaking skills and practise being a quality audience.

It was also a great way for the class to get to know each other even better!