Month: October 2015

P1C – Special Visitor!

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about about autumn and have discussed animals that hibernate. Today Miss Gladstone brought in her pet tortoise to meet us. We loved getting to hold her and watch her walk around! 


P1C – Books..

We enjoy stories and encourage sharing our enjoyment of different books. Thank you to Angharad and Mariella who brought these stories in for us to read and discuss today. 

P1C – healthy meals

Today we have been talking about the importance of a balanced meal. We talked about always eating a portion of fruit or vegetables alongside a smaller portion of protein and carbohydrates. We drew our own healthy meals – selecting food from these food groups.

P1a and P1b’s trip to the local shops

We explored our local area, visiting the fruit and vegetable shop, Eddie’s Seafood Market and walked around to spot different places in our treasure hunt photo challenge. 

We learned that pomegranates and figs came from Turkey, pineapples from Costa Rica, asparagus from Peru, pumpkins from the UK and guavas from Brazil.

We also saw lobster, crab and different types of fish and found out they had all come from the North Sea! 
We learned that you can tell if a lobster is lazy by the number of barnacles stuck to him! The more barnacles, the lazier they are.